2017 NPL club of the year award

Club Constitution

Since our formation in 1889, and our more recent incorporation in 2005, Adamstown Rosebud Football Club has undergone significant changes, growth and development.  A major review of the club’s constitution was conducted in 2018 and our new club constitution was ratified by our members and registered with the Department of Fair Trading in May 2019.

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Strategic Plan 2019 to 2022

Please click below to view the club’s current strategic plan.

ARFC Strategic Plan 2019 to 2023

The Board

Whilst the success of a football club is mostly tangibly measured by its performances on the pitch, every successful club also needs to have a strong management team. The roles and responsibilities of the Adamstown Rosebud Football Club management team are to:

  • Set objectives, define policy and develop strategic direction for the club
  • Incorporate good governance and ethical standards into daily activities
  • Monitor the performance of management and the volunteer team
  • Monitor the performance of the club against the agreed goals
  • Ensure present plans and actions provide for the club’s continuity
  • Manage communication with members and other stakeholders including NNSWF, FFA, City of Newcastle, Sponsors etc
  • Ensure all risks are identified and managed appropriately
  • Clearly identify board and management responsibilities
  • Ensure compliance with policies, laws and regulations
  • Emphasise and concentrate on long-term goals
  • Approve, monitor and review the financial performance of the organisation
  • Ensure members abide by the codes of conduct and ensure the club’s sustainable future through adopting a risk management approach that considers the health of the club and its members as a priority.

Board Members 2020

President – John Connors (
Vice-President – Nicola Rosenthal (
Treasurer – Daniel Sullivan (
Secretary – Rick Naylor (
Director – Linda Gabriel (
Director – Chris Dale (
Director – Cameron Clarke (
Director – Dave Rosewarne (