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Adamstown Rosebud’s list of representatives is almost as weighty a tome as the club’s roll of championship wins. While its honour board, proudly displayed since 1980 in the licensed premises, carries the names of those who reached the pinnacle of their chosen code (Australian representation) when still members of an Adamstown team, the club has been associated with many, many more.

A list of those who have played for both Adamstown and Australia is included below-

PETER DOYLE – four caps, vs New Zealand 1922, 1923

LAWSON BAILEY – two caps, vs China 1923, 1927

ART LAMBERT – two caps, vs Canada 1924, vs England 1925

ARCH HARRIS – two caps, vs Englad 1925, vs China 1927

ALEC CAMERON – 15 caps, vs China 1927, vs Czechoslovakia, vs New Caledonia 1933, vs New Zealand 1933, 1936

HAROLD ROBERTSON – four caps, vs Dutch East Indies, 1928

GAVIN RUSSELL – two caps, vs  Java 1931

CHARLIE O’CONNOR – eight caps, vs Dutch East Indies 1928, Java 1931

BILL COOLAHAN – 11 caps, vs England 1937, vs India 1938, vs Wales, Palestine 1939, vs china 1941

BILL MORGAN – eight caps, vs England 1937, vs India 1938, vs China 1941

ALF ‘DUCKY’ HENWOOD – three caps, vs India 1938, vs Wales 1939

AUB MASCORD – two caps, vs India 1938, China 1941  – two caps, vs China 1941

VIC BARNETT – one cap, vs China 1941

DAVE COOTE – two caps, vs South Africa 1947

ALLAN JOHNS – 15 caps, vs New Zealand 1948, vs Yugoslavia 1949, vs South Africa 1950, vs China 1950.

FRANK PARSONS – 14 caps, vs New Zealand 1948, Yugoslavia 1948, South Africa 1950, England 1951

CYRIL NICHOLLS – one cap, vs South Africa 1950

DOUG WENDT – five caps, vs China 1953

BILL MAHONEY – three caps, vs China 1953, vs South Africa 1955, vs Ferencvaros 1957

SPENCER KITCHING – four caps, vs black pool 1958

RON GILES – three caps, vs Cambodia 1965, vs Malaysia 1965, vs Scotland 1967

RAY BAARTZ – 59 caps, vs Scotland, New Zealand, South Vitnam, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia 1967, vs Japan 1969, vs Greece, Japan, South Korea, Rhodesia, Israel 1969, vs English FA, Israel 1971, vs Dundee, Wolves, Santos, Indonesia, South Vietnam, south Korea 1972, vs Bulgaria, New Zealand, Iraq, Indonesia, Iran, south Korea, vs Ferencvaros, Auckland, Uraguay 1974.

COL CURRAN – 35 caps, vs New Caledonia, Iran, Israel, Hapoel (Israel), Greece A and B, Luton Town, Mexico, Manchester.


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