You can make a donation toward the Adamstown Rosebud Synthetic Pitch project here.

Any donation of $2 or more is tax deductible. The ability to claim a tax deduction means that the cost of donating to our project through the Sports Foundation is substantially reduced (typically by 32% to 45% depending on the donor’s tax rate). For example, if a donor donates $1,000 to our project through the Sports Foundation, they will receive a tax refund of $450 (based on the assumed top income tax rate of 45%), and therefore the actual cost of that donation will be only $550.

Our tax deductible project is the Synthetic Training Pitch.

The existing grass training pitch was constructed 12 years ago using mostly volunteer labour from within the club. At that time, our club only fielded 3 senior teams in the Northern NSW Football premier competition and the training pitch was able to cope adequately with the workload. Today, we have 11 teams in our club plus 8 WPL teams from our neighbour club which shares this facility. There has been a 600% increase in the usage of this facility since it was established in 2009. Prolonged periods of wet weather or drought conditions further impede the capacity of the training pitch to cope with the training loads.

All donations through the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductible so please donate today.


During the early 1960’s, Peter Stone played his junior football for Kotara South and Adamstown Rosebud, before playing at senior level for Adamstown Rosebud and a host of Sydney-based clubs.

The midfielder would go on to play at the highest level of Australian football and enjoyed a stint abroad representing Tottenham Hotspur in 1980.  A NSW representative and player for National Soccer League Clubs APIA Leichhardt and St George, Stone made his international debut for Australia in a 1976 ‘B’ International against Bologna. A year later he made his full international debut against Hong Kong and went on to represent Australia a total of 15 times, before retiring at the age of 29 in 1983.

Sadly, Peter passed away in August, 2022.  Peter was a staunch supporter of Adamstown Rosebud and, in more recent years, participated as a club mentor to aspiring young coaches and players.  Peter, and his wife Julie, also sponsored the club’s “Peter Stone Award” which is awarded to the club’s youth player of the year.

Peter were also very passionate about the development of a synthetic training pitch and regularly donated funds to this cause.  Peter is sadly missed but his spirit continues to shine at Adamstown Oval.