ARFC Projects

Play For Purpose is a not-for-profit online raffle, conducted on our behalf by the 50-50 Foundation, an ACNC registered charity. A minimum of $5 from every $10 ticket sold will fund a charitable sporting project at our club, with funds distributed via the Australian Sports Foundation.

Every Play For Purpose ticket gives you the chance to share in over 300 prizes, and the chance to win a first prize valued at $250,000. With a 1 in 380 chance of winning a prize, supporting our club has never been so rewarding!

Adamstown Rosebud Football Club participates in the Northern NSW NPL and JDL competitions. We work hard to maintain and improve our training and matchday facilities. Your ticket purchase will help the club upgrade its Adamstown Oval training pitch to an all-weather synthetic surface. This facility will be used by our club, the Adamstown Rosebud Junior Football Club plus local school groups and other members of the local community.

A minimum of 50% of your ticket will directly support Adamstown Rosebud Football Club, the other 50% from your ticket is used to fund prizes and help run the raffle.

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) provides fundraising for grassroots clubs, community groups, sports organisations and athletes. The ASF have partnered with Play For Purpose and will grant the funds raised to Sporting Clubs for approved charitable sporting projects. This raffle is endorsed by Sports Australia.


Interested in supporting Adamstown Rosebud Football Club further and raising much needed funds? You can now partner with Play For Purpose and have your own dedicated web page whereby you can sell tickets on behalf of Play For Purpose and raise money for Adamstown Rosebud Football Club.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be our Champion? Follow the link below to sign up, and you’ll be up and running, supporting Adamstown Rosebud Football Club in no time!

Become a Rosebud Champion

Any donation of $2 or more is tax deductible. The ability to claim a tax deduction means that the cost of donating to our project through the Sports Foundation is substantially reduced (typically by 32% to 45% depending on the donor’s tax rate). For example, if a donor donates $1,000 to our project through the Sports Foundation, they will receive a tax refund of $450 (based on the assumed top income tax rate of 45%), and therefore the actual cost of that donation will be only $550.

Our tax deductible project is the Synthetic Training Pitch.

The existing grass training pitch was constructed 12 years ago using mostly volunteer labour from within the club. At that time, our club only fielded 3 senior teams in the Northern NSW Football premier competition and the training pitch was able to cope adequately with the workload. Today, we have 11 teams in our club plus 8 WPL teams from our neighbour club which shares this facility. There has been a 600% increase in the usage of this facility since it was established in 2009. Prolonged periods of wet weather or drought conditions further impede the capacity of the training pitch to cope with the training loads.

All donations through the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductible so please donate today.

Our partnership with GeoSnapShot enables the club to store, preview and sell all our matchday and other club photos. Through GeoSnapShot, we have access to a portal where all clubs photos can be stored at no cost in a central location. Revenue generated from the sales of any photos is a bonus for the club. This fund-raising has been made possible by the contributions of our volunteer photographers who donate their images to the club. Photos can be previewed and purchased in the link below.