ARFC Projects


Adamstown Rosebud has a long term plan to build a synthetic training pitch on the current eastern side of Adamstown Oval.  The synthetic community orientated football training facility proposed would be the only artificial field in the Newcastle local government area.

The unpredictable nature of weather events, drought, water restrictions and excessive rain make it difficult to maintain a safe and suitable natural grass surface. The proposed synthetic surface would avoid these issues as in general are not affected by variations in rainfall. In conjunction with this, the fields are used consistently through the week. There is a limit to the hours natural turf can be used before there is a significant impact on surface condition. A high-quality natural turf surface may only withstand use for up to 20 hours per week before it starts to deteriorate.

Combining this with weather events, the surface of the current training pitch decreases the quality of sport to be played on the surface. Synthetic surfaces can sustain significantly higher use than natural grass with 60 hours plus per week as an acceptable expectation, making it an optimal alternative. 

Maintenance is another key benefit of having an artificial surface for sport. Maintaining a natural turf surface can be time consuming, expensive and generally requires a qualified person to do it. Synthetic surfaces require lower ongoing maintenance than natural turf surfaces, making it more affordable in the medium to long term. 

A crucial benefit to having a synthetic football training facility is the increase in performance and safety. Consistently using a safe and level surface all year round increases player satisfaction and improves their technical abilities giving them more motivation to improve. A level surface may decrease ankle or knee injuries attained through running and being tackled on an uneven surface. Within this in mind, the proposed synthetic field may avoid unnecessary injuries and promote football and healthy living to the broader community. 

It is for these reasons that an all weather training facility is of the highest priority.