Adamstown Rosebud has secured an arrangement with Octopus Group designed to generate some income for our training pitch facility.

To generate this income, we need your help to complete some surveys.

You can participate in surveys anytime you like. The aim is to complete $30 worth of surveys (which you donate to the club) and this will generate an extra $20 that is directly paid by Octopus Group to ARFC.

All we are asking you is to contribute a few minutes of your time (as surveys become available). You can do them while you are watching television, waiting in a que, or just looking for something to do.

This will go a long way to helping us with an all weather facility (which as last season demonstrated, we desperately need).

To get started, please go to : https://my.octopusgroup.com.au/register/10d2126b-7730-47f2-841b-2e15f114f0d7

This link is connected to my account (Andrew Licata).  Please click on the above link.  Register your information (phone number & email) etc

Once you have registered, you will receive surveys.

Click on your survey link and start receiving surveys (they usually send out 2 to 3
surveys eaxh week).

When you complete $20 worth of surveys, another $20 will be sent to me and I will
deposit into the club account.

You can then donate what you earn by simply inserting the club account details into the redeem section and the money is transferred within 3 days.

The club account details are :

BSB : 637000
ACC: 716036065

You will be asked to verify that you are redeeming cash. You will then receive
confirmation and a receipt in the mail.

The above example is a real transaction that I completed on Tuesday 17 May 2022 at 11.45am. This $45 has gone towards the training pitch facility that ARFC is proposing to build. Please call me on 0499088729 if you wish to discuss.