President’s Perspective

Adamstown Oval

No one is interested in you when you are in the trenches, everybody wants the medal winner. Many will look for a way to attach themselves to a winner but when you are losing some people don’t want to know you at all. When you are winning, many people will get interested in you because of what you have become or what you can offer. They will look for a way to attach themselves to the winner. They will all have a story that connects them to the winner. They will all claim to have played a part in the winner’s success. They will claim how they always believed in you from the start and so on. The success of the Newcastle Jets in making it to the grand final this season is testament to that with a sold-out stadium the result as people jump on the band wagon (while some long-term members missed out on tickets). There is much we can learn from the Newcastle Jets success this season.

ln contrast, the true test of character and resilience comes from those that are prepared to stick with you in times of adversity. Following our loss to Broadmeadow Magic two weeks ago, I received a call from Steve Dorman, a former player at the club who won first grade titles, played representative football and who has a reputation as one of the best keepers the area has produced. Steve rang to tell me he watched the match on Bar TV and that he thought our first-grade boys played really well for large parts of the game. He wanted to encourage the players, and all involved at the club, to stay tight and to stick together. The signs are there that a new day is coming and that this situation we are currently grappling with will come to pass. Steve is now working as a successful real estate agent with Ray White. He has had success as a footballer and is now having success in his career. He is also a financial sponsor of the club. The thing that stands Steve Dorman out from so many others is that he has always been and remained humble. He has never let success get the better of him and he has not been blinded by “sweet things”. He is a true and loyal friend of the club and I want to take this opportunity to recognise and thank him for his ongoing support.

In this same vein, I need to mention our loyal supporters in Coopers Corner who regardless of whether we win, lose or draw, they turn up week after week. Amanda, Chris, Coop and Ross are with us week in and week out. There are many more mums and dads, wives, girlfriends and children who actively get behind the club (too many to mention) and I thank you for your continuing support.

Adamstown Rosebud acknowledge we have been in the trenches, but success will come again, so long as we stay committed and focused on the big picture. As a club, we must not get caught up in the moment, we must stay grounded and just keep working hard, be resilient, be supportive of our coaches and players, and keep supporting each other. The good times will return, and the bandwagon will fill with everyone that tells us how much they love the club and how they once played for Adamstown Rosebud. In the meantime, those that are here will continue to work on the plumbing and get our hands and feet dirty until we find our way out of the pooh! This resurrection got some momentum last weekend, when all three senior teams won their respective matches away to Weston. It was a good reward for the continuing hard work that is being implemented by Shane Cansdell-Sherriff, his coaching staff and their three squads.

Sunday was an opportunity to build on last week’s win as we welcomed Charlestown Blues, who boasted a number of players with solid reputations. However, while some players have a great story that warrants respect, other players are still making their reputations and should not be underestimated. Sunday may have been considered a David vs Goliath battle by some in the media, but we should not forget how that story ended – and indeed this story with a 3 – 2 victory to Adamstown Rosebud!

Andrew Licata

Club President