Return to Football – FAQ

Many thanks to Northern NSW Football who have prepared a list of frequently asked questions and answers as we rapidly approach competition matches again. We have customised some of these responses to reflect what will be happening at Adamstown Rosebud Football Club (until further notice).

If I display symptoms, when can I return to training, volunteering, playing or coaching?

As per NSW Health Advice, it is recommended that you get tested for COVID-19 and remain quarantined and do not attend training or play until the results of your test are known.

If I test positive for COVID-19 do I need to get tested before returning?

If you require testing, you will be advised by NSW Health as to what is required before returning to work, school or organised sport.

Should we shake hands prior to or following a match?

Players will no longer be encouraged to shake hands with each other or with match officials in an attempt to minimise unnecessary physical contact.

Can players and parents stay to watch other games other than their own?

Yes. However, once your match is concluded you are considered a spectator and should abide by all social distancing guidelines including standing or sitting 1.5m away from others. According to the most recent NSW Public Health Order we must, at all times, ensure that no more than 500 people are in attendance at Adamstown Oval (including players and club officials). Whilst we are unlikely to exceed this number it does mean that we’ll need to count players and spectators (at least for the first few rounds) so that we can demonstrate that we do fall well below this threshold.

Do players need to sign in at training or matches?

No, your registration in PlayFootball is sufficient for your club to identify you were at training or at a match in the case of COVID-19 tracing.

However, it is compulsory that all players, coaches, match officials and all volunteers (of all capacities) are registered in PlayFootball.

Will the change rooms be open for training and match days?

Given that we need to observe the 4 square metre rule in indoor venues, we will keep the change rooms closed for SAP and Youth matches (until further notice). However, we will open the change rooms for senior matches but they  are strictly limited to essential players and team staff only (up to a maximum of 11 people at any one time).

SAP and Youth players are encouraged to shower at home prior to and following training and matches wherever possible to minimise contact with others. Senior players may shower after training or matches but it is expected that they bring their own soap/detergent for this purpose, and the social distancing rules will also apply in this space.

Maximum numbers of people allowed within any indoor space at the ground will be indicated on the entry to every room.

Can teams return to full contact training?

Yes. However, when off-field, it is recommended protocols of 1.5 metres social distancing are adhered to.

May I bring my entire family to watch games or training?

Yes. However, venues are restricted to maximum numbers (this may vary from club to club depending on their facilities) allowed to enter at one time and you may be asked to wait until it is possible to enter. Everything we do until further notice will be subject to the 4 square metre regulation for crowds.

Members of the same family are permitted to sit together, but everybody else is expected to space themselves when sitting or standing to respect the social distancing regulations.

Where can I sit to watch games?

In most cases you will be able to sit as per prior to the pandemic as long as  spectators maintain 1.5 metre social distancing from those not from their household.

Spectators may be able to sit in grandstands or permanent seating, however in accordance with Local Council orders, this will vary from venue to venue.

In some venues there may be markers identifying 1.5 metres. Please always adhere to venue signage and club official advice.

People from the same family or the same household may sit together.

Who is responsible for ensuring people are maintaining social distancing at our football venues?

Each individual is responsible for themselves as is the case elsewhere in society at the moment. The Home Club’s responsibility is to take reasonable steps to promote and encourage the correct behaviour.

What if someone is ignoring social distancing?

The onus is on individuals to ensure they are undertaking the right measures to not spread COVID-19, just like we are when we attend the supermarket, school, restaurant or pub.

Anyone attending a football match or training in Northern NSW is asked to respect NSW Public Health Orders, maintain 1.5 metres from one another, maintain good hygiene and follow advice of club officials and volunteers.

Clubs are required to take reasonable steps in communicating social distancing and hygiene recommendations to its members and those they host at grounds.

If as a club volunteer (e.g duty officer) you are asked to get involved you should respectfully ask the individual to maintain social distancing.

It is not expected these issues will arise frequently, however if the problem continues or escalates you may need to ask the individual/s to leave the venue. This situation should be treated like any similar conflict would be treated as per the Spectator Code of Conduct.

Will clubs open their canteens on match days?

This will vary from club to club. We have made the decision to open our canteen and BBQ for the first youth matches on Saturday 18th July, and then for every SAP, Youth and Senior home match thereafter. We will also be charging entry fees for senior matches. However, like everything else this year, this is all subject to change.

Also, this depends largely on how easily we can run these services given the new COVID regulations. To this end, we need volunteers from within the club to help make this work. SAP and Youth parents will be rostered to carry out various roles on match days and you will be contacted by your respective team manager to this effect. Anybody intending to attend senior match days should contact Linda Gabriel ( to register your availability for various senior match day roles.